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inertia_magic's Journal

16 April
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a clockwork orange, air, alice in chains, alpha, aphex twin, autechre, beastie boys, before sunrise, before sunset, beth orton, better off dead, bjork, boards of canada, bob dylan, bob marley, boogie nights, bozo the clown, brainscan, cartman, chinese food, cky, classic country, clerks, clinic, coldplay, daft punk, dancing, dave chapelle, dazed and confused, de la soul, depeche mode, dirty.org, doves, dreams, drinking, drugs, drum and bass, drum machines, dumb and dumber, eels, electro, electronic music, elvis costello, far from falling, ferris bueller's day off, fight club, first avenue, french house, future music, gangster movies, george carlin, ghosts, goldfrapp, green day, heineken, high fidelity, him, hockey, human traffic, i:cube, idm, internet, interpol, ipod, john cusack, kissing, kung fu hustle, ladytron, led zeppelin, licking envelopes, love, madonna, magazines, married with children, massive attack, michael moore, minneapolis, minnesota, mortal kombat, motown, mr. show, neil young, nine inch nails, ninjas, oasis, old school rap, panera bread, philosophy, pink floyd, plaid, plastikman, portishead, posters, pro tools, public enemy, pulp fiction, radiohead, raves, ray, ray charles, reading, recording, richard linklater, richie hawtin, ron jeremy, sade, salvia divinorum, serendipity, sex, sigur ros, sleeping, south park, squarepusher, steve buscemi, talking dirty, taxi driver, techno, the beatles, the chemical brothers, the cinematic orchestra, the crow, the cure, the doors, the futureheads, the neptunes, the pixies, the prodigy, the psychedelic furs, the rolling stones, the strokes, the white stripes, the wonder years, the wraith, to rococo rot, trainspotting, tricky, tupac shakur, underworld, vhs or beta, video games, vintage synths, vinyl, violent femmes, wacky wall walkers, waking life